Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dead Carcasses Behind Auto Body Shop

Here is a great example of how auto body shops can be some of the most creative and prolific fraudsters around.  In Philadelphia, a $5 million operation that ran on fraudulent collision claims was uncovered when Ronald Galati Sr. was accused of insurance fraud.  There were apparently 41 people involved.
The latest story indicates that several members of Galati’s family were involved, and the crazy part is that some insurance adjusters were involved in the fraud as well. 
Actually, the crazy part involves the storage of dead deer carcasses at the rear of this body shop.  Can you imagine the smell? 
Apparently, this guy was storing dead deer to use their hair, skin and blood to stuff into cavities and smear on to body panels as evidence that the car hit a deer.  The body shop told customers that this way the insurance company would not put the claim down as an “at fault” accident on their records in order to avoid premium increases.
Makes me want to say “oh dear…”

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