Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Auto Fraud Report

                                                              Auto Fraud Report


Arrest Date:                 11/30/2012

Conviction Date:         1/22/2013

City:                             Houston, TX

Investigating Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Insurance Crime Bureau

Perpetrator:                 Chase Lindsey, 36, and Brittany Jessie, 25

Damages:                   $3,000,000



Jessie and Lindsey admitted to participation in a scam along with Earlie Dickerson, 41, Marion Young, 43, and Edward Graham, 37, designed to create fraudulent medical bills to be sent to insurance companies.  The law firm of Sanjoh & Associates was representing people allegedly involved in auto accidents and those people were being evaluated and treated by Jessie and Lindsey, who took payments by cash and check for unnecessary treatments or medical treatments that were recorded but never actually done.  The records of these fraudulent treatments were then submitted to insurance companies to obtain settlements for claims.



24 months for Chase Lindsey, 36, and $1.1 million in restitution

36 months for Brittany Jessie and $1 million in restitution    


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