Saturday, January 5, 2013

Insurance Fraud Glossary

  • Application Fraud: When someone lies on an application about who they are, or what they do with their property, or who might be driving their car (ex. teenage son or daughter). This fraud is most often perpetrated to achieve a lower premium, or to obtain coverage from an insurance company that would not have provided the coverage if they applicant had been honest.
  • Born Again Vehicle: The name given to an auto that has been stolen and given a new identification or Vehicle Identification Number by use of a fraudulent or counterfeit title. In some cases a genuine title is used for a Born Again Vehicle, and that title came from an auto that was illegally exported to another country.
  • Counterfeiting: When vehicle insurance fraud is involved, counterfeiting is the forging, altering or copying of documents relating to the vehicle ownership in order to commit insurance fraud.

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